How can I clean my computer from viruses?

We all know that if a computer is not secure and it has a virus then it will not be recommended to work on that device. Now the question arrives that how to know if our computer has a virus and if the computer has a virus than how to remove the virus from the computer. To get rid of this tension we have many Antivirus available in the market. These Antivirus software help us to detect the virus and remove them from our device. Antivirus security works on auto mode and we do not have to worry about anything after installing Antivirus on our computer. These days our most of the work is online, from a personal small work to heavy official or confidential work data goes online.

That’s why it’s very important to make our device and network security. During this COVID19 pandemic, we have seen technology work increased and most of our work shifted to online ways. Even the students are taking online classes now. Now security is in the target of hackers and cybercriminals. We need the best security software on our computer to make it more secure and function effectively online. Now let’s discuss how we can check if there is a virus on the computer and how to get rid of the virus.

How do I know if my computer has a virus?

  • Sudden onscreen advertisements are a common indication of a virus. There might be unexpected pop-up windows that keep popping up on your computer screen.
  • While starting the computer is very slow and perforation is very poor as well.
  • Dubios hard drive activity.
  • Low Disk Space alert.
  • Missing documents, files, folder, or any other data.
  • The application keeps crashing OR unwanted crashing error message.
  • High CPU uses or high network activity
  • The computer keeps freezing and unresponsive.
  • Email is hijacked.

These are a few signs that your computer security may be compromised and it’s infected. There are many other signs as well but most commonly all the infection leave one of this activity behind. If you are seeing any such activity on your computer you need to run a full scan on your computer to make is secure. Here we have some steps about how to run a virus scan.

  • How can I clean my computer from viruses?
  • If you have any security software like Norton, McAfee, etc. then you can run an Antivirus Full Scan.
  • If you still getting an issue then disconnect your computer from the internet.
  • Restart your computer into safe mode.
  • Remove all the junk files from your computer.
  • Reset your internet browser and remove unwanted extensions.
  • Run Disk cleanup.
  • Scan your computer for viruses and delete all the viruses detected.
  • Remove all the conflicting or unknown software.
  • Restart your computer in normal mode.

Now your computer will be safe and secure. We face this kind of issue only when there is no security software installed on the computer. If you have any Antivirus then you will not face this issue. McAfee is one of the best known Antivirus. For McAfee installation, you can visit and download McAfee from there. You can run McAfee download and install it on your computer. McAfee will run in the background and will protect your computer from all the offline and online threats.

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