An Award-Winning Software Capable Of Removing Malware

McAfee’s total protection offers comprehensive access to features including a password manager, parental controls, and web protection. The software is capable of scanning and averting viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. With McAfee, about six hundred million devices are protected. It safeguards personal information, privacy and assists you in browsing through the website without any hassles.

Ways to execute the process of McAfee total protection download

  • The initial step involves clicking the link Activate your subscription by inputting relevant activation code. It is a twenty-five-digit activation code that is sent to your mobile phone.
  • McAfee download is a simple process wherein you are prompted to input your email address. 
  • Now click the next button and accept the license agreement as well as the privacy notice.
  • Potential internet users do have the option to access on various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet PC, or desktop computers.

Blocks malware and malicious downloads

McAfee’s total protection assists in blocking viruses, malware, and malicious downloads. During the initial stages, the software scans the entire computer or mobile devices to track viruses or malware. The program would either quarantine it or eliminate it immediately once unwanted software is spotted. The McAfee total protection would seek your permission to remove it if in case of suspicious activities.

Functions of McAfee total protection

  • This software consists of multiple functions such as tracking and blocking viruses. However, one of its passive functions is web adviser. For instance, when you browse through a website that is supposed to be risky, it sends an alert through the pop-up system of a website.
  • Apart from that, it performs thorough search rating checks and displays any sorts of firewall interactions as well.
  • The software furnishes relevant information concerning dangerous download attacks and phishing from third-party websites visited recently.

The above-mentioned anti-virus software acts as a defensive mechanism against malicious software in real-time. There are also options to manually check for viruses, perform scans and removal of viruses, etc. You even have the liberty to schedule a scan if necessary.


McAfee’s total protection ensures a money-back guarantee if in case the software is incapable of tracking and removing the virus. However, the developers carry out frequent updates in virus and malware databases at regular intervals. It is worth the price and currently one of the popular ones amongst the public.

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